"Pre sales" question - Networking

I know its free but still “pre sales” question…

I’m sure ill think of some things while I wait for a response but ill start with these.

1 - How well built is the networking code? The application we will be making for school will need to support approx 200 people efficiently.

2 - Culling, is this feature built in I did not see anything about it. We are going to have a lot of objects in a small area so culling would be a good feature.

You probably would not like the answer but the answer is that is your responsibility.

If you where writing a MOD for an existing game all those questions would make since but when you use panda3d you actually code those things.

Well yeah panda3d can send packets and stuff around, but what you put into the packets is what matters and how do you code your server. Does it hit the DB like mine? Does it sends millions of messages like OTP? Is it just a simple single threaded read/reply system? You decide, you code and you optimize this part. Panda3d would be very low over head in this case.

There is culling. But only forestrum culling. Modern FPS provide the most advanced culling options with BSP and proper zone partitioning, hard to use and hard to get right from art pipeline point of view. Panda3d does not provide this.

Thank you for the response. That makes perfect sense.