ppremake vs. makepanda build system

hi there,

Panda3D supports two build systems: ppremake and makepanda, that are independant of each other.

i wonder what criteria should be applied to choose one build system? what are the pros and cons of each build system?

let’s assume i’m a pro developer and want to be able to control Panda3d as good as possible, is there a difference regarding the build systems.


In general, ppremake is the more powerful build system, but also the more complex. You can fine-tune all sorts of parts of the build with ppremake, but there’s a learning curve involved.

On the other hand, makepanda is much simpler, and more of a “fire it and forget it” sort of a system. It’s good at building Panda with a minimum of input from the developer, so it’s pretty simple to use. But it doesn’t give you a lot of control.