Post Your Panda Screwups

I don’t see a thread like this, so I figured why not create one. What you do is post a screenshot of a bug/glitch/error in your code that looks funny :slight_smile:

Here’s my latest foobar:

That’s 4 panda models stacked on top of each other. The code adds another panda onto the stack for every player that connects to the server. What’s even funnier is that I haven’t implemented code yet to delete models once the client disconnects, so you could connect to the server 50 times and you would see a stack of 50 pandas in a totem pole-like tower even if you are the only person that has connected.

nice idea. only bad part about it is… i never screwed up with panda :stuck_out_tongue: it’s simply working too well for me.

i screwed up with a lot of other engines tho.
this one was shortly after WON was shutdown and Steam didnt run on linux yet. when i started working on a counter-strike clone for linux… using irrlicht.

but then steam started to work on wine and i droppped the whole idea aswell as irrlicht. then i continued with bigger and better things… like panda :slight_smile:

PS: yes that’s the barrel of a gun sticking out…

lol, I didn’t even see the rifle at first.

Here’s an update of my panda pic from above:

I’m in the process of bringing my own version of the DistributedNode code into my game and as you can see, it’s having some issues lol. I set the server to automatically increment the HPR of every avatar on the playfield every second to test my synchronization code. As you can see, it’s not working out quite as well as I had planned lol.

On the plus side I resolved the issue of the avatar remaining on the playfield after the player disconnects, so no more panda totem poles :slight_smile:

A collection of miscellaneous accidents with Panda3D.





@ThomasEgi: Are that the actual assets from the game?

Anon… lol at that vid^ and yes back then we uncompiled the map-files and re-compiled them in quake3 format so irrlicht could read them. for the models, most where taken from unofficial counterstrike mods which were higher quality than the original game content. some models where original placeholders. to be replaced by better looking ones.