Post regarding py2exe

I have compiled a game to exe using py2exe.
Below are the list of files that are created


Is there a chance to get all these files embedded to exe. Though msvcrt71.dll and python25.dll are an exception…

Thank you :slight_smile:

I believe py2exe does have an option to embed dll’s within the executable. You’ll have to go read up on the docs for py2exe; that’s not a Panda tool.


It is not possible natively with py2exe, but you can use the Inno/NSIS installers to pack everything up later:

However, it looks as if you are missing quite a few files from panda’s bin directory, your final directory after py2exe needs to have all the panda dll’s…

I use pyinstaller. It’s the same as py2exe, only easier to use. You can pack everything into a single exe using the --onefile option.

I have pyinstaller too. I will give it a try today.

Thank you for the feed back. 8)