Post process abuse, advice please.

Ive currently wrote an infinite terrain viewer, with cpu based editing. As im sure you will know, i am finding dynamic editing a touch slow with cpu based editing.

I’d like to abuse a seperate camera/render that is basically just the texture fed into a post process shader to gpu edit it.

All this is working to a fashion.
However, I would like to set the gpu hacked scene/camera to render the image in a higher float point precision without effecting my normal scenes details.
This is where im struggling as no matter what texture settings i set it to it still seems to render as the default lower precision.

Im guessing this part cant be done using Texture::Frgb32/16 etc of the render target texture.

Anyone know where i should be setting this up for it to work correct?

Thanks again

The precision of the buffer is also determined by the number of bits you’re requesting in the FramebufferProperties.

Thanks for your reply.

I maybe missing something obvious, but how would i set the framebuffer properties so it renders to floating point texture for just that camera?