Possible virus threat

Hey all,

Just wanted to ask the community if anyone has encountered a similar problem to the one I’m having. I recently got a trojan on my computer which copies a tiny file named ‘SDRA64.EXE’ into a hidden location, and this apparently logs key strokes among other things.

As soon as McAfee detected it I took my machine and put it on blocks, using another machine for the time being. After installing Panda on this machine the virus popped up again. Running the virus scan on the computer gives the result you see in the attached image. Is there any possibility that this could be carried by the current Panda for windows installer (v1.7)? Has anyone else had a similar problem to this?

Thanks in advance.

A while ago, I had a similar problem: Many of my executable files were considered as threats by AVG. Reinstalling the anti-virus itself solved the problem.

Did it spawn a process ?
I’m using AVG 8.5, never behave that way.

That was months ago with 8.0 release on an XP machine.
When launching “Blender.exe” for exemple, a trojan was detected and menu popped up suggesting to detele the application!