Possible to turn off certain warnings?

Hey, If you guys have read other forums, i recently just built panda for vs 2008; but i have a small problem.

I am currently doing two projects (1) senior project which rest of dudes are using 1.5.4 (python) (2) one with some other dudes my build (c++ && optimize 1)

In the (1) project it seems we call getChildrenAsList() quite a bit (on tasks). If i am using on my pc the build i compiled off the head it spams me with:

Warning: NodePath.getChildrenAsList() is deprecated.  Use getChildren() instead.

Problem is, on 1.5.4 getChildren() returns a NodePathCollection, whereas in 1.6.0 it returns a iteratable list. Is there a simple way (on my end) to turn this one warning off? Or will i need to build a copy for them, or perhaps just deal with the warnings until they can grab the new build when it comes out officially?

Thanks again, you guys always help out a ton!

no its just a print statement.

I would be better implemented using the warnings module.

Yeah, I was thinking about that too. We should use Python’s “warnings” module.
I use this kind of stuff for now:

children = blah.getChildren()
if not isiterable(children):
  children = blah.getChildrenAsList()

You could also use:

children = blah.getChildren()
for i in range(children.getNumNodePaths()):
  child = children[i]
  .. process child ..

which has always worked.