Possible to capture scence rendered PANDA3D(img processing)?

Hello, PANDA friends

Virtual helicopter simulation

In my project, I try to create a 4-rotor helicopter simulation by using PANDA3D as 3D rendering tool.

There are 2 main component in this simulation. First, it is a virtual heli that will be made in PANDA3D as a way to interact with a player and a way to provide image back to a main controller. On heli the cam is installed in a direction pointing to the ground for taking images, then forwarding this image back to main controller to find height of heli by means of image processing. Another component is a dynamic model of heli and main controller, both will be programmed on Matlab and Simulink. The dynamic model program will provide the position and orientation of heli to the virtual heli program through TCP. Because the dynamic model of heli is not stable, the main controller will be implement to make it more stable. And the main controller will take the image from the virtual heli program as an input by TCP as well.

My point is:

  1. Is it possible to capture image from a scene rendered by PANDA3D?
    If yes, is it hard?

  2. Assume it can captures. Is it possible to send it through TCP?


I believe this question has been answered in another thread.