possible install - env var issue panda3d 1.4.2 on vista

hmmm well im’ not sure if the binary sdk install of panda3d is responsible but it sure looks fishy - my entire system path var is missing except for panda3d dirs lol
and panda3d was the last installer i ran yesterday
was trying to get some mingw stuff to use perl a few mins ago and wondering why perl wasnt being found …

sooooo maybe someone could look to see if there is a possible issue with 1.4.2 install on vista forgetting to append or prepend itself to the system path var and instead blowing it away?


Oy, that doesn’t sound good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have vista. Anybody out there able to confirm this?

I would have love to help but i simply removed the vista installed on my laptop about 3 weeks after getting it :frowning: