Possibilities about reparentTo

Hi all again :wink:
I was wondering if there are some way of reparent object A to object B and set object A like… 5 points in Z axis superior?

The thing is I want my camera to follow my character, look at him and be over him, but reparenting the camera always stays in the same point at the character, I cant elevate it.

Actually I use a task that uses base.camera.setPos to reposition the camera basing on the character position, but ir produce a strange “vibration” effect when character moves :open_mouth:

Is there any way to use reparent and can change the Z axis or anyone know how to configure it to avoid the vibration effect?

Sorry for my english and thank you so much for the time.

Do you mean something like this?

a.setPos(0, 0, 5)