Porting Panda3D

I’m evaluating Panda3D for porting to the Nintendo Wii, I’m just starting to look into this, so I’m wondering if some of the more experienced people here have an idea on what might be involved in porting Panda3D to a totally new platform.

I’m most interested in how Panda3D integrates Python since I have a feeling that would be the most involved part.

That would be very cool :slight_smile:
I guess the first step would be to get the core libraries compiled and then to write your own “wiidisplay” module, and worry about the Python parts later. First get pview running :slight_smile:
I suggest looking at panda’s current display modules (tinydisplay, glxdisplay, osxdisplay) to give you a clue how to get started.

I’m currently evaluating Panda3D and Irrlicht and testing ports of them, so I’ll probably be frequenting here :slight_smile:

Nintendo Wii is like a big Nintendo DS.

And because Nintendo DS is like Unix gaming edition cutted family blah blah blah…

It will be like 6 months of work. You’d need to include all Wii’s system files, just to run “cube demo”. This would make panda grow up like in 13 times. That’s not funny. Although all python conversions on any console failed…

Well good luck.

a Wii and a Nintendo DS have only one thing in common. the brand.
the Wii is based on a PowerPC cpu and an ATI GPU.
the nintendo DS on the other hand is based on an ARM9.
little is known about the os which is running on them. at least i dont know about it.
the wii might has a *nix based , maybe even somewhat cutdown mac os version running. for the nintendo DS i dunno maybe firmware-only.
when it comes to the wii. you need a special license to develop games for wii afaik. aswell as the approval of nintendo if you want to sell them.

cant say anything about the difficulty of the actual porting but it shouldnt take 6 month if you have the neccessary libs to compile against.dunno if the endianess causes any trouble.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WiiWare

I don’t think you realize how big panda3d is. Its about 880K slock 13 times that would be 11 million lines of code! Thats like windows NT ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_lines_of_code )

For the record, Panda already runs well on PowerPC Mac environments. Endianness is not a problem.


for the records here there is a comparative table about the two consoles:

source: http://www.gc-linux.org

Nintendo DS != gamecube
btw. whats the point in reviving such an old thread?

bad read sorry - today I was peeking here and there to see if there were chances to make games for the Wii and fell here