Portable to another language?

Hi. Ive been scouring the internet all day and for the last few looking for a 3d engine that I can use with PureBasic (http://www.purebasic.com. Its so difficult because most either are aimed at C++ users, or they require compiling/building etc which I cannot do.

Panda 3d, along with trueVision 3d, are the only two that show the slightest glimmer of hope. Id just like to know if the pack contains DLLs that I can simply call functions from. Thats all I basically need to do to use a 3d engine in PB - create an interface to it with pointers and Im away. Im praying I can do this with Panda as it looks very interesting. Also, if you know of any engines like this could you point me in their direction. Thankyou.