Portable Python

I found out that i can install Panda3D on a USB stick
but i can’t use it with 2.6.4 Portable Python wich is
on the same USB stick. Does anybody know how to make
this run possible? My Portable Editor is automatically
using Portable Python and if i don’t get it running i
need to install python and Panda3D on another computer.

Are you trying to run panda with the portable python? If so you dont need to do that because panda has a python version on it.

You could also put a panda3d.pth file in Portable Python’s site-packages directory, containing the correct path to the Panda3D installation.

Im Cant find panda.pht and im indeed trying to run it with portable python

It’s panda.pth, not panda.pht. That may be the problem.

Plus, that file isn’t there, you’re supposed to create it. I think looking at the other .pth files in the site-packages directory would show you the .pth syntax.