Portability With Models and Skins


Been trying out Panda3d lately. I use Blender + Chicken Exporter to make models. Loading up the models work fine but whenever I transfer my files to another folder, it seems that my models lose track of their skins. Is there anyway I can solve this without using loader.loadTexture()?

Thanks! :smiley:

sure. there are several ways.

  1. tell blender to use relative instead of absolute texture path
  2. tell chicken to force relative path even if blender used absolut ones
  3. change absolut path in the egg file manually to relative ones
  4. adding the path with your textures to pandaโ€™s default search path.

using methods 1,2 and 3 you need to move the textures with your models.

As always, thanks Thomas. Number 1 worked like a charm. Thank you so much for this. I posted less than an hour ago. Panda3d community is definitely one of the nicest and most helpful communities there is, no doubt about that. :smiley: