Polygons are Polygons... (i.e., special terrain polygons)

I think I finally understand something that Drwr wrote in a post a while back and I’m just trying to look for confirmation in this thread if it’s the case.

I’ve seen code snippets from folks looking to build terrrain from a heightmap.

I originally thought this was necessary because in other game engines I’ve used that’s the way it was done.

However, Drwr said there is no difference, polygons are polygons, you don’t special terrain polygons.

So, the only reason people really want to make terrains from heightmaps is because it’s easier than modeling them in an 3d app like Maya?

Is this the correct reasoning? I’m not sure why I couldn’t think of this earlier.


I’m beginner in 3d games, so I may be wrong.
For me it’s just easier to use heightmap. It’s easier to make one, then to model terrain in 3d modeller. I just need terrain made from pieces 10kmx10km. If I make 1000x1000 heightmap I have got 1 pixel for 10 meters, just enough.

Thanks Pikkt. I guess you confirmed my point.

I guess some don’t feel comfortable making their terrain in a 3d app.

At least I don’t have to waste more time trying to work on the code snippets for terrain from heightmaps. I’m not sure why I couldn’t realize this sooner.