Point3 from Hpr

This is probably very obvious, but I have been hit by the stupid stick. Not sure the best way to phrase this, so bare with me.

Short: How can I get a Point3 position from a Hpr on a node and a distance? I looked at the api for VBase3 and I am stumped.

Long: I’m making a to-scale solar system program similar to celestia (whose code I plan on releasing, maybe as a sample if I can get it up to snuff?). Due to obvious scale/distance issues I need to model position totally separate from the models.
Best solution I came up with is this. I have an unattached node per body that rotates on hpr interval, like the solar system sample. I have the planet distance from the sun stored as well.

Here’s one simple answer:

node = NodePath('dummyNode') # or your existing node
render.getRelativePoint(node, Point3(0, myDistance, 0))


I knew it was stupid simple.

Thank you very much and I look forward to 1.7.1 :smiley: