Pls help me about my problem about my egg

I upload my egg file

pview girl.egg: there is always some thing like shadow in the girl’s hair when look at her from bottow not top.

What’s the reason? In 3dmax, it is ok.

Pls help me!

without having checked the model itself. the words “hair” (and thus transparency) and “looks ok from one side but not the other” rings the “transprarency+sorting” issue. there is a nice section in the manual about it.
have you tried to set the transparency mode to DUAL or Multisample?

keep in mind^i’m just wildly guessing at about 5am local time^

EDIT: i just had a look at it. it’s indeed a transparency issue
just add

<Scalar> alpha { dual }

somewere between line 45 and 50

btw. well done model, really cute:) you might want to concider to contribute to the panda-samples. they really need some well made artwork such as yours.

ThomasEgi, Thanks, ~_~

Thank you ThomasEgi .

“”“have you tried to set the transparency mode to DUAL or Multisample? “””

How to do it? Do you mean using egg-palettize?
The following is what egg-palettize output:

D:\Pet\0415\girl_chun2>egg-palettize -inplace girl.egg girl_chun_hair.png

Error in girl_chun_hair.png at line 2, column 1:

parse error

So what’s wrong

No, he doesn’t mean using egg-palettize - rather, either by placing the tag he mentioned in the node, or, at runtime, using setTransparency(TransparencyAttrib.MDual) or so.

The error you are having is unrelated, it just means you have unicode characters in your .egg file - which is not recommended. Make sure all object names are non-unicode.