Playing Panda3d games

Hi im new and ive beeen looking into making a game with panda3d and I wanted to know how to play the games. Thanks

Of all the games that use Panda3D, the one that uses Panda3D to its fullest potential is Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which according to their website, is to be released this fall.

There are also several older games that use Panda3D, but since they were written in the past, they don’t use all of Panda3D’s features. For example, Disney’s Toontown Online is a cool game, but it doesn’t demonstrate Panda3D’s shaders.

There are also quite a few games that aren’t available to the public. For example, there’s a company around here that’s doing a training simulation for firefighters. But if you want to see Panda3D in action, look into the games above.

okay thank you for your reply :slight_smile: