Platformer style movement

How can I make movement for a platformer style movement? I am super new btw, but I know the basics of Python, but not panda 3d.

What type of platformer? do you mean one like Super Mario 64? because I,m creating a prototype similar to it as a basis for my 3d game understanding, I started out studying the “roaming ralph” demo found in each panda3d SDK, maybe you can start there.

Agreed, the answer might depend to some degree on what sort of platformer you have in mind.

For a basic 2D (that is, 2D-gameplay, not 2D graphics) side-scrolling platformer, you might use a collision-system ray-cast to detect simple collision primitives representing the platforms.

By the way, since you’re not familiar with Panda3D, let me mention that I recently posted a “Panda3D Beginner’s Tutorial”, which might be of help to you. The game that the tutorial builds up isn’t a platformer, but I think that many of the principles should be applicable. (For example, I mentioned collision-raycasting above; the tutorial game does just that, albeit for a different purpose.)

You should find the tutorial here: