Place nodes around other node in circular array

from direct.showbase.ShowBase import ShowBase

class Game(ShowBase):

    def __init__(self):
        count = 8  #change this
        angle = 360/count
         # I always asume that Y is forward/backward axis
         # Next line move node 60 units forward relative to self (because dummy is first argument)
        # Rotate dummy so models will be visible once in array around dummy
        dummy.setP(dummy,60) # we set Pitch (rotate around its X axis)
        for i in range(count):
            # rotate dummy node around its vertical (Z) axis, relative to self      
            x = loader.loadModel("smiley")
            # Smiley model is bad, its face is pointing to its negative Y
            # parent our model/node under dummy, thus using its position and rotation (coordinate space is correct term)
            # move model 10 meters/units forward, relative to self
            # note that face should look outward, but because model is not correct, it is pointing inwards        
            # we copy model to other place in tree (render root in this case)
            # and we respect its transform, so it remains at same global coordinates
x = Game()