Place media player onto a 3D model

Hi, I am new to Panda3D and python in general. One thing I am trying to do here is to place a media player on top of a 3D model. Such as a 3D model of a block of wood. Is there any way I can do that? Thank you.

i also want to use the same media player to show an image. Thank you

Hi, welcome to the forums!

This is really easy; normally when you apply an image of eg. wood to a model, you just apply a regular Texture. In the case of a movie, you can simply replace this with a MovieTexture playing a video of your choice. It most respects, it works the same way as applying any texture.

Sorry I am new. But are there any ways to play audio also?

Yes, you can play audio in Panda3D. If you wish to make it sound like the audio is coming from the model, then you can use 3D Audio to accomplish this; this is explained in the manual.

ahh thank you so much i didn’t check the manual sorry