Pirates Online with Linux and Firefox

Does anyone have Pirates Online working under Linux? It is suppose to run in a web browser using the Panda3D plugin provided at www.piratesonline.com doesn’t seem to know that I have the plugin installed since it prompts to install it each time I try to run the game. Maybe the plugin doesn’t know where panda was installed on my system? Is there a different plugin I could try, I thought there was one that was included in the SDK Panda3D source, but I couldn’t find one.

Hum, for me, using the official plugin distribution, the Pirates website does detect the plugin (I get the certificate approval dialog).

But still, Pirates is not going to work on Linux. It depends on custom compiled packages which are only available on OSX and Windows:
download.piratesonline.com/engli … ntents.xml
So unless Disney starts providing these packages for Linux, you’re not going to be able to run Pirates under Linux natively.

I’ve tried to run Pirates under Wine before, and made progress, but when actually running the game it resulted in mysterious crashes.