Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Support

I am in need of help . I just recently fixed my Dell computer by replacig hard drive . Well I install pirates everything is fine using Panda . One problem when I go to where you select your pirate . . From there I see the Whole game is pixelated. Like big squares of pixel . No great or even allright graphics . Before I replaced hard drive it was so smooth and graphics were spending ! Amazing! But can anyone tell me if it’s the panda? Or if I need Direct X and how do I uninstall panda from pirates?

If anyone needs my PC specs tell me :slight_smile: and sorry I’m on my iPhone so if words are messed up ignore them

It means you’re running in software rendering mode, which is what Pirates falls back to when it’s unable to open a hardware rendering context, usually because of something wrong in your graphics drivers.

Updating your graphics drivers will probably help. Installing the latest DirectX runtime is probably not a bad idea either.