Pirates Arcade

This is just a small testgame I made a while back, to get the ropes of panda3d down, and with the discussion about py2exe I got the spirit to wrap her up and distribute it as neatly as posible.

I decided against a public source release, because its messy code more or less flung together. So I doubt there would be much educational use for it. But if you’re interested, give me a shout through a pm on this forum or mail me (yellowsmail@gmail.com)

So… here you are, a “Compiled” panda3D example:

Pirates Arcade 0.2.0

And a big thanks to David and Josh for their support on these forums :smiley:

lastly, if there are any bugs / issues with this type of deployment, please let me know.

Hi Yellow!

I’ve found a bug:
If you press space after “Game over”. The “Game over” never disapears its always there even if you are playing a new game.

Weird, I had that bug a bit back and fixed it…
Is it everytime you play? or just some times?

And tnx for testing :slight_smile:

No its just after the 3rd game. And then it stays there.

I have Linux, so I cant play it…
Maybe if you could post the source code?

jeah. something linux-friendly would be nice since it refuses to run under wine.
hint hint =) release linux version hint hint^^