PIMODE (PIlote MOtion DEtection)

Hi guys.
This year I had to make a project (university), so I and my classmates decided to develop a game. I only like to program in python (love python, lol) so we started to search a game engine and we found Panda3d, we liked it and test it.

We are very noobs with panda3d even though the manual is VERY easy to understand, anyway we did it.

We created PIMODE. This game is to pilot a kind of spaceship having different mission, but the good thing about this is that you (the pilot) can control the spaceship with your head movement and you can shoot with your hand movement. This is an OpenCV integration with Panda3d. The game is still in development, we just started.

You can watch a video showing the game.



The maps are a bit dark in my opinion. And did you enable per pixel lights on them with setShaderAuto() call?