[size=75][color=green]Is there a way to put pictures from the internet onto panda by any chance?[/size]

I don’t understand really want to do…
If you want a background image search in the forum i think someoneother has asked this.
or you try to use textures…

[size=75][color=green]I’m trying to put a piction on panda as a loading screen and then take it away when it finishes loading.[/size]

def startWorld():
    # put a picture on the screen
    loadScreen = DirectLabel(relief = None, image='images/loadScreen.png')
    # force the engine to render this frame, 
    # since it seems to freeze
    # sometimes without showing the picture
    # initiate your game
    agame = Game()
    # remove the loadscreen

[size=75][color=green]Hey thanks for the help. It’s greatly appreciated.[/size]