This may seem like an odd question but who do we contact to use Panda3d logo’s on our website? I would assume CMU but Im not sure.

Do we maybe already have permission to use these graphics? if so where is this information. Also i may use the CMU graphic logo as well so i was wondering where we would get permission to use the graphic?

This is actally 2 parts 1 for a website 2 for a game.

Lastly is thee a prebuilt splash screen for Panda3d so we can put it in our game to advertise Panda3d?

The logo was made specifically for panda3d. ETC Logo is a requirement to be hosted on this server. So yeah we can use both of them at will.

Not sure if I change the topic of this question, but am I allowed to advertise Panda3D with my own logos (or those i have permissions for)?

As you know, the official logo isn’t that popular: discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic … light=logo

There are, of course, few restrictions on what you do with Panda, including the way you choose to advertise it.

But I do encourage you to put your objections to the logo behind you, and embrace the official one here. Using just one logo consistently, worldwide, will help to solidify the community. Since it’s impossible to design a logo that pleases everyone, it means that we have to use a logo that some people don’t think is the greatest. That’s OK. I think consistency is more important. :slight_smile:


OK, thanks for the reply.