Picker Issue

Ive searched the Forums for a while now but didnt find a solution.

now ive created a picker with a code like this:

		self.mousequeue = CollisionHandlerQueue() 
		self.mouseraynode = CollisionNode('mouseray')
		self.mouseray = CollisionRay()
		self.mouseraynodepath = camera.attachNewNode(self.mouseraynode)
		self.mousetrav = CollisionTraverser("mousetrav")
		self.mousetrav.addCollider(self.mouseraynodepath, self.mousequeue)

step by step like in the tutorial.

this is the rest is like in the tut as well:

	if base.mouseWatcherNode.hasMouse():
			self.mouseray.setFromLens(base.camNode, mpos.getX(), mpos.getY())
		if  self.mousequeue.getNumEntries() > 1:
			i = 0
			while (i < self.mousequeue.getNumEntries() ):
				obj = self.mousequeue.getEntry(i).getIntoNodePath()
				parent = obj.getParent()
				while parent != render:
						currentpos = parent
						parent = parent.getParent()
				if currentpos.getTag('map') == 'true':
					currentmouse = self.mousequeue.getEntry(i).getSurfacePoint(render)
					self.currentmousepos = currentmouse
					i = self.mousequeue.getNumEntries()
				i = i+1

the problem is, that it works only on special surfaces. I get a collision if I look at the stones in the roamingralph map but not if i look at the ground it wont work.

ok i found the problem… looks like the rocks are seperated from the rest of the map and didnt get the “map”-tag… ill try to fix it my own.