Physics Collision Handler issues

So I’m working with the Physics Collision Handler. I’ve attached nodes, spheres, etc. to the objects I want as the Into and From colliders. I’ll describe it this way:
I’m launching and object out of a cannon. The collisionSphere and the object both launch at the same angle, but it appears the object is moving a bit slower than the collision sphere, so it is lagging behind. It still follows an identical path, just a little smaller (due to it being behind).

I can post code if necessary, but is this an issue that someone has experience with and knows what the cause is?

Thank you very much.

When you say you launch “both” a CollisionSphere and an object the same way, do you mean you have attached them both to the same node and are animating that node? Because that would be the obvious, easy way to do it; and if they are both attached to the same node then they must necessarily travel together. But if you mean they are both independent nodes that you are animating in the same way, well, that’s the harder way, but it should work as well, provided you really do perform exactly the same calculation for both of them.

Of course, the purpose of a PhysicsCollisionHandler is to push back on the CollisionSphere (or the parent node of your choice) when it runs into anything. So there’s some possibility of this pushback affecting your CollisionSphere but not your visible object, if you have the PhysicsCollisionHandler pushing a parent node that’s not also a parent of your object.

All that said, there is also the possibility that you’re getting misled by the “fluid movement” visualization of the CollisionSphere. This will draw a ghosted sphere in the position the CollisionSphere occupied last frame (in addition to the actual sphere in its actual position this frame), so you can see the animation of the sphere that the collision system is working with. If you are looking at this ghosted sphere, it may appear that the CollisionSphere is lagging behind its motion path by one frame.

All this is guesswork. You don’t provide a lot of details as to precisely what you’re doing or precisely what you’re seeing. But the short answer is, no, there’s no reason to expect your objects to diverge as you describe.