Performance Questions

Hi. I just discovered Panda3D and am intrigued. I’ve played around with some of samples and am considering investing some time to really learn how to use it. My concern is about performance. For the record, my system specs are: Pentium IV 1.5 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM and a GeForce 2TI - a decent machine (and way above the min specs of ToonTown, for example). I’m running at 800x600 with a color depth of 32 bits with an refresh rate of 85mhz.

Now, when I run even a fairly simple demo I seem to have performance issues. For example, when I run (where you feed the Panda bamboo), I get frame rates around 55 - 65. (I’d expect 85, my maximum.) And when I rotate the camera, the image stutters. Another test I made was to run AirBlade (a cool game and nice example of a complex demo). But the game only runs at 15 - 22 FPS. And, during big battles, the frame rate can drop below 10 - certainly not playable. I even tried out ToonTown for the heck of it and it seems to run as low as 18 FPS in outdoor environments (with only a few animated characters).

Is this about what you’d expect? Is Panda3D not really meant for action games? Are there ways to improve performance?


It’s certainly not what we’d expect.
We’ve run Panda on a GeForce2 TI, 1.7Ghz Pentim III with 512 MB and had smooth performance.

  1. Try changing your renderer from OpenGL to DirectX or vice versa (open Configrc in your Panda root directory and edit)

  2. Update your graphics drivers

  3. Try running other graphics applications/games … see how they perform…the problem may be somewhere else.


Thanks for the quick reply. I changed the config file to so that the engine would render using DirectX. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anything to work. When I would run a program, a graphics window would open and then close. (The console window would close too, so I couldn’t see any error message.) Obviously, my computer has some issues with Panda3D.

My drivers are up to date. I tried running other graphics programs and games, using OpenGL, and they worked just fine.

I may uninstall and then reinstall the Panda3D.

By the way, what kind of performance, in terms of frame rates, would you expect on a system like mine? I’m particularly interested in AirBlade, since it represents a full game.