Performance question - intervals or anim?

So I’m making some kind of script that makes a box have a floaty animation while rotating. (like for a pickup)

I’m now asking myself what would be the best option to use when aiming for low cpu usage.

Animation trough intervals, or animation made in a 3d prog?

It’s impossible to answer this question accurately based on so little information, because the best answer varies according to a hundred little things.

But in general, intervals are lighter on the CPU, and animation is lighter on the GPU. This is because intervals only move things on a per-node basis, rather than a per-vertex basis, so there are fewer individual things to be moved; but there are more things that need to be sent individually to the GPU, resulting in a higher Geom count.

If you’re interested in minimizing your CPU time at the expense of GPU time, you should consider using intervals for this sort of thing.


tyvm david, just the info I needed. There will be plenty of animations when I’m using my character so I need to compensate this with some interval stuff on the surounding objects like pickups and such.