PDF version of panda3d manual?

Most of the time when I feel like coding, I’m at school and do not have access to the internet, and therefore to the Panda3D manual which I need to continue my project and coding. So I was wondering, is there a downloadable version of the manual kicking around somewhere that I can use offline? If anyone knows of one, it would be really useful. :slight_smile:

There are .chm versions available, and there are also zipfiles with html files, does that work for you?

Of course. Shoot me a link. :smiley:

It actually is not very obviously placed - look at Download -> SDK -> Other.

On the subject, is there a chance for downloadable versions of the API reference? Either the classes page (which I find more comfortable navigating) or the official reference or perhaps both? In cases of internet-less-ness it would be very good to have.

Sorry for the late reply, I did write this but I forgot to hit “Submit”, and left this tab still open somewhere.

Daily snapshots are available on the buildbot page:
Scroll down to “Documentation”.

I’ll work on downloadable versions of the API reference soon, too.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

API reference is now downloadable from the buildbot page. Still experimental, though. Let me know if there are any problems.

The online documentation seems not to work now. There are many dead links, and the search also seems broken.

Yeah, I know, I was still working on it. It’s fixed now.

The search works fine for me, even though it’s offset to the right. It uses JavaScript, make sure you have that enabled.