PDF of the help file?

Is there a pdf of the help file so I can print it out?

Will cost you a lot of ink and paper :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s PDF, but theres this:
www.panda3d.org/download/panda3d-1.4 … -1.4.2.zip
you might or might not be able to print that easily. Never tried, it would cost me another few cartridges.

Hehe, well I have access to university computer labs and laser printers. I dunno if there is an easy way to print out a lot of html files. =(

This is a printable version,in the sense that it is several html files. But not really a pdf version. I have a older( and I mean VERY OLD) pdf file of the panda docs. But it is incomplete and as I said almost two years old. Many of the newer funtions and methods are not even in it.