Hey guys plz help me to install pdeploy… i didnt find any proper links for installing it…

Get pdeploy.p3d from runtime.panda3d.org, and then run it using panda3d.exe from the command prompt.

[above] thanks… i got pdeploy.p3d from runtime.panda3d.org. But i dont knw how to run it in command prompt using panda3d.exe. i am working in linux 10.04. Plz help me…

In this case, the executable is called ‘panda3d’, so ‘panda3d pdeploy.p3d’ is the correct command.


chmod +x pdeploy.p3d
./pdeploy.p3d -h

trying to get this to work. really lost.

im on win xp. downloaded the pdeploy.p3d
i know i need to be in my Panda3D directory and put into the CMD prompt:

panda3d pdeploy.p3d

but i keep getting this error:

'panda3d' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

to which i realized my install directory contains no ‘panda3d.exe’

i can run my games just fine, soooo

im confused

EDIT: i also did a system search for ‘panda3d.exe’ and came up empty handed.

Install the Panda3D Runtime from the download page.