pdeploy and 'start' folder

Hello, I’ve this simple file main.py:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart 
with open( 'hello.txt', 'w' ) as f: f.write( 'hello' )

I create a package and an installer from this:

packp3d -o try_log.p3d
pdeploy -v 0 -P win32 try_log.p3d installer

Then I install the application and run it. With previous versions of pdeploy, I found the file ‘hello.txt’ inside the start folder of the directory where I installed the application, now it is not there (there is not a start folder). And I can’t find it on the hard drive. Where does Panda store these files now? I’m using 1.7.2. Thank you!

It can’t write the start directory to the directory where it was installed. This is because this generally is a write-restricted, system-wide directory. It is stored per-user, in the application data directory.

Oh, this is a good modification! I didn’t find that file because it was inside a hidden folder, and maybe the search function doesn’t consider these. But with your indication I’ve found it. Thank you!