pdeploy and RPM-based distributions

Hello, considering Linux platforms, pdeploy produces deb packages now. Which is the best way in order to distribute a Panda application on a RPM-based Linux distribution? Is there any technical reason that why RPMs aren’t produced?
Very thanks!

Yeah, the RPM format is just too complex and barely documented for me to add RPM support. If I can find a good resource, I can add it, but so far I haven’t been able to find something useful.

Actually, I might give it a try sooner or later, if there’s someone who can test stuff for me.

Poke me if I forget about this thread.

It’s a good news knowing that it isn’t due to technical/architectural impediments. Obviously I’d be very happy if I could test something for you. Very thanks, rdb!

The RPM format itself is nice in concept, but horrible in implementation. There were no up-to-date resources on it, that’s why I gave up last time. The documentation has improved since, so I’m going to try again, but don’t expect anything working any time soon.