So the particle panel how exactly does it work? I mean none of the buttons work, properly, and nothing happens when I change the values manually. So I don’t get it, what is the point if I cannot create new effects?

Also in the event that I manage to make a ptf file. How do I load it into my program? Instead of having to copy and past the code out of the file.

I am having trouble playing my particle effect. I have no idea where the problem is here is my code


p = ParticleEffect()


p0 = Particles.Particles('particles-1')
[color=green]~~Particle Effect Code~~


I am using the partical tutorial as my example. I don’t really understand what or why certian things are the way they are in the manual. Plus I get all sorts of errors from using the manual. If anyone wants to show me where to add the code that is in the maunal that would be great.

To load a .ptf file, do:

    effect = ParticleEffect()

The particle panel is a little confusing. You might need to pull the camera back so you can see the particle effect you are working on. By default, the particle effect is at (0, 0, 0), which is the same as the camera’s starting position, so you might not be able to see it–and therefore you wouldn’t be able to see the changes you are applying as you push buttons on the panel.


The problem with the panel is that it does not work period. I can get all the effects values to go back to zero by pressing the button. But I cannot get them to go up.

I remember that sometimes, once you set the values you have to press ‘enter’ for the value to be applied to the particles. You should also make sure to to have the value field focused (have the cursor in that field) when you press ‘enter’.

maybe thats the step that is missing?

So this is what I am using to try and get partical effects… and it does not work. I make sure to have all the proper imports.

p = ParticleEffect()

I don’t know what you mean by “does not work”. Do you mean it crashes? Generates an exception? Issues no error message, but does nothing visible?

Are you sure this ptf file describes some particle effect that does do something visible?

You do have to call base.enableParticles() at least once in your application in order to make any particle effects work.