Particles bouncing off solid surfaces

Hi all,

I am totally new to Panda and read in a post that particles once emitted don’t interact with geometry. Is this true? This would seriously limit my project as I need to have water that can be sprayed on surfaces and flow off, thanks.

I don’t think panda’s particles would be able to handle collision like that. You might be able to create a visual effect that would be close to what you want though.

First, make some pieces of geometry that can interact with collision surfaces. Basically, you would create a sort of ‘spray’ model that comes out of your hose or whatever it is, and a ‘flow’ geometry that appears when a surface is hit. Most likely, you will want to use lots of low poly models that move together. Use shader effects on the water geometry that you created to make it look like water. You will probably need two different shaders for each of the ‘spray’ and ‘flow’. There are a lot of details that an artist and programmer would need to collaborate on, and it would seem like a big undertaking. But if it is essential to the project, thats my best suggestion. Hope it helps.