Particle System Editor & C++ [Resolved]

The Panda3d Particle editor (Sample Programs -> Particles -> Particle Panel) appears to be Python only.
The I/O file format of the editor is a Python text file that is read by via loadConfig()
[pandaDir]/direct/src/particles/ does not appear to have a C++ equivalent.
This is understandable as this program saves Python code as text and reinjects & executes the python code at load time.
All other backend particle system code appears to exist in C++.

To get around this problem, I am attempting to hand convert Python code generated by the editor to C++.

The particle system I am trying to convert contains a reference to the color interpolation manager.
Particle editor Python


becomes C++

((SpriteParticleRenderer *)m_pRenderer.p())->get_color_interpolation_manager()->add_linear(0.0, 0.8f, Colorf(1, 0, 0, 0), Colorf(1, 0, 0, 1), true );
((SpriteParticleRenderer *)m_pRenderer.p())->get_color_interpolation_manager()->add_linear(0.5, 1.0f, Colorf(1, 0, 0, 1), Colorf(1, 0, 0, 0), true );

Attempting to compile this code gives a linker error.
Tracing the problem back, this is because the ColorInterpolationManager class is not exposed to libpandaphysics.
As a work around, I attempted to expose the ColorInterpolationManager to the libpandaphysics DLL.


class ColorInterpolationManager : public ReferenceCount


class EXPCL_PANDAPHYSICS ColorInterpolationManager : public ReferenceCount


makepanda\makepanda.bat --verbose --optimize 1 --nothing --outputdir panda3d-1.7.2-debug

Copy out generated libpandaphysics files to project directory


Using this modified DLL, whenever I attempt to instanciate at particle system I get an immediate crash.
Note that this crash occurs before any direct reference to ColorInterpolationManager is made by the particle system.

PT(ParticleSystem) pParticle = new ParticleSystem();

(stacktrace - Access violation)

libpanda_d.dll!MutexSimpleImpl::try_acquire() Line 53 + 0x3 bytes
libpanda_d.dll!MutexSimpleImpl::acquire() Line 41 + 0x8 bytes
libpanda_d.dll!MutexDirect::acquire() Line 73
libpanda_d.dll!LightMutexHolder::LightMutexHolder(const LightMutex & mutex={…}) Line 27
libpanda_d.dll!CopyOnWritePointer::get_read_pointer() Line 39 + 0x11 bytes
libpanda_d.dll!CopyOnWritePointerTo<CopyOnWriteObj1<ov_set<PandaNode::UpConnection,std::lessPandaNode::UpConnection >,TypeHandle> >::get_read_pointer() Line 285 + 0xc bytes
libpanda_d.dll!PandaNode::CData::get_up() Line 1080 + 0x12 bytes
libpanda_d.dll!PandaNode::do_find_parent(PandaNode * node=0x0033b4b4, const PandaNode::CData * cdata=0x0033bb8c) Line 820 + 0xc bytes
libpanda_d.dll!PandaNode::reparent_one_stage(NodePathComponent * new_parent=0x00d7e608, NodePathComponent * child=0x00d7e824, int sort=0, bool as_stashed=false, int pipeline_stage=0, Thread * current_thread=0x003314bc) Line 3498 + 0x15 bytes
libpanda_d.dll!PandaNode::reparent(NodePathComponent * new_parent=0x00d7e608, NodePathComponent * child=0x00d7e824, int sort=0, bool as_stashed=false, int pipeline_stage=0, Thread * current_thread=0x003314bc) Line 3450 + 0x1e bytes
libpanda_d.dll!NodePath::reparent_to(const NodePath & other={…}, int sort=0, Thread * current_thread=0x003314bc) Line 687 + 0x25 bytes
… snip …

Rolling back to previously built version of the above libpandaphysics files makes the problem goes away.


Is there an easy solution to the above problem (more EXPCL_PANDAPHYSICS on dependant and/or Python interopt classes)?

Has anyone else had reasonable success using Panda3D particles with C++ ?

Are there any available tools I haven’t found (eg. A C++ version of the particle system editor) ?

Is there another simple way to do this (launch python to do the load an reflect class back to C++)?

I am using:

Panda3D 1.7.2 source
VS2008 SP1 (Pro)
Windows 7 64bit SP1 (Enterprise)
Project linking to Panda3D compiled with same flags as Panda3D (debug) build ie. /Od /MDd /Zi /RTCs /GS /EHa /Zm300

Any help would be much appreciated!

You need to copy not just the new libpandaphysics_d.dll, but also the new libpanda_d.dll, and any other dll’s for that matter. Copying just a single dll out of a build is asking for trouble.


:confused: OK - I was trying to expediate the time taken to do a build… I arrived at the above solution after spending a few hours trouble shooting.


makepanda\makepanda.bat --optimize 1 --outputdir panda3d-1.7.2-debug --verbose --use-python --use-direct --use-gl --no-gles --no-gles2 --no-dx8 --use-dx9 --no-tinydisplay --use-nvidiacg --no-egl --use-openal --use-fmodex --no-ffmpeg --no-ode --use-physx --use-zlib --use-png --use-jpeg --use-tiff --no-squish --use-freetype --no-maya6 --no-maya65 --no-maya7 --no-maya8 --no-maya85 --no-maya2008 --no-maya2009 --no-maya2010 --no-maya2011 --no-max6 --no-max7 --no-max8 --no-max9 --no-max2009 --no-max2010 --no-max2011 --no-fcollada --no-vrpn --use-openssl --use-fftw --no-swscale --no-artoolkit --no-opencv --no-directcam --no-npapi --no-awesomium --no-gtk2 --no-wx --no-osmesa --no-x11 --no-xf86dga --no-xrandr --no-xcursor --no-pandatool --no-pview --no-deploytools --use-contrib

Everything works fine - thank you good sir! :smiley: