Particle Spawn Node cannot be changed

Hey !

Recently I’ve started working with particles. Everything works but one thing: I can’t seem to be able to set where the particle spawn.

If I set the render_node_path on a character, the particles keep popping at the origin of my scene, and the already existing particles follow the character around when he moves: which is the opposite of what I want: I want the particles to pop at the character’s position, but not to follow it.

So reading the documentation, it seemed like the proper way of doing that was using ‘set_render_node_path’ on the render node, and ‘set_spawn_render_node_path’ on the character.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t have the expected effect for me. If I use ‘set_render_node_path’ on the render node rather than my character, then the particles do stop following the character around. However, no matter what node I use for ‘set_spawn_render_node_path’, the particles are always appearing at the scene’s origin.

And even when both set_spawn_render_node and set_render_node are set to the object’s node path, the particles still only appear at the scene’s origin.
Basically the spawn_render_node_path is always the render node, no matter what nodes I pass to any of the set_spawn and set_render_node_path methods.

Am I overlooking something essential here ?