Particle effects in .p3d

After downloading the packp3d file from and flattaning
out the direktories with files i succesfully built
a .p3d file with packp3d.
Everything worked fine
ecxept that the partikel effekts are missing when i run the .p3d file it in the runtime.
the .ptf file and the .png file for the effect seems to be at the right place because i get an error if i remove them.

Any suggestions?

Hmm, I don’t have any troubles running particles in a p3d file. Can you put together a simple application that does nothing but load and run a particle file and see if it works?


first thanks for the fast response an for encouraging me to search.
Actually i had two issues:

  1. I used

instead of

self.loadParticleConfig(base.appRunner.multifileRoot + "/steamNitro.ptf")
  1. i did

after i load the partikel effect. This works in normal panda3d (i guess its not recommended) but not in the .p3d files

Hello everyone! First off I’m new here, but have been using Panda3D for a while.

Second, I’ve been attempting to use packp3d with a program I wrote that uses particles and I get this message…

There are some missing modules: ['panda3d.core', 'panda3d.physics']

Just like DDoodle the P3D runs but no particles effects show up.

I attempted to use it with my own program then tried it with the particle sample program included with Panda3D, same message both times, though the sample program would not run as a P3D file.

Any insight would be helpful! Thanks guys!

The message is normal, and doesn’t indicate an error. There must be a different reason you’re not seeing particles. Can you tell us more?


Ah I’m sorry I think I was just a little confused by DDoodle’s response, I thought it still wasn’t working, but it appears to work. I was just having trouble with it because I didn’t realized I needed to load in the “os” python lib.

So you need that “base.appRunner.multifileRoot” strung onto your PTF file in order to load it in a P3D.

Guess I’m still somewhat of a newbie! Anyways I needed clearing up about that message that packp3d was giving me, so thanks!