particle effects and parenting :(

Hi all,

I have implemented some particle effects in my game build as exhaust to a space ship… The issue I am having is the particles are parented to the space ship so that the exhaust always comes from the same place. This means the particles move in a non organic way, they don’t stream and get left behind like how you see an aero plane write in the sky. Instead if the ship rotates the whole stream rotates. This is not ideal as I basically want to have organic looking exhaust trails as part of the effects.

Any thoughts people?


You want the emitter to be attached to the spaceship, but the renderer to be attached to world coordinates.

Use effect.start(renderParent = render) to specify render (i.e. world coordinates) as the renderer node.


So each individual particle will “remain” in the position it was created even if the emitter object moves? (like a trail effect)

Awesome, that renderParent = render command was exactly what I was after! Now I can write rude messages with my space ship exhaust :wink:

Thanks a lot for the quick response! Can anyone provide other examples of where the renderParent = render (or anything else) command is useful?