Particle effect


I use the particle effect to simulate the fire of a torch in my new game. Usually everything looks fine:

but in some places the particle effect changes:

I also tried “setDepthWrite(False)” but this makes the particles disappear completely:

Does anybody know why this happens?

I use the fireish code from the official example Particles -> Tut-Steam-Example. The map is created in Blender using UV-Texture.

Looks like an alpha blending issue. Take a look at this manual page: … d_Blending

Changing the alpha mode might help.

[color=brown](BTW, the manual page changed since I’ve seen it the last time. I can’t find a mention of code-wise changing the alpha mode, although I’m sure it’s possible. Did somebody move that part to another page?)

Yes, the problem seemed to be the transperancy in the png-texture files. I converted them to jpeg and now everything works. Thanks for the help!