Particle Effect problem

Hi guys.

I have a slight problem with my particle effects. Everytime my character goes near the particle effect (near the radius) it turns invicible or semi-invicible for a second.

Any way to fix that?


Looks like you’re running into transparency issues. What about calling setTransparency(TransparencyAttrib.MDual) on your particles?

Hmm…it doesn’t work…my character still goes invisible near the effect.

Do you have a screenshot or so?

You can also refer to … t=particle

“The rendering order is certainly the issue with fire particles in front of the hair. This is a common problem when you have multiple transparent objects in close proximity to each other. There are lots of possible solutions. In your case, you might want to try something like
rp.setBin(‘fixed’, 0), where rp is a special node that is created to be the particle’s renderParent, and you attach rp to render or whatever. The idea is to ensure that the particles render last in the scene, which putting them in the fixed bin will generally guarantee. There are other possible solutions too, and we can go on for days about the pros and cons of all of them.”

Code example:

particleRenderNode = render.attachNewNode(“particleNode”)
self.particle.start(yournode, particleRenderNode)
particleRenderNode.setBin(‘fixed’, 0)

Or you can refer to demomaster, demo_nature/