Particle collision?

Not much background needed here I don’t think. I’m working on a flight sim (with rwhughst I’m sure you have seen his posts) and being that you are in space we are using particles to help the player see he is actually moving. The problem I’m having is that the particles are going through the model into the actual cockpit. So the question is: is it possible to detect a colision between the cockpit model and the individual particles?

Panda’s particle system doesn’t support collisions, sorry. You can fake it with other tricks (put the inside-the-cockpit scene in a different DisplayRegion, for instance, which is probably a good idea anyway).


Since I ended up having to do some hand tuning on the rendering order (cockpits real pos is (0,0,0) but geometry extends beyond other 3d objects in the cockpit (whos pos arent 0,0,0), I just made it so the particles render before everything else (except aiships) and donot write or read the depth buffer.

Seems to work great, I was REALLY worried for a second there; but once again panda seems to have everything I ever need.