[Partially Solved] 64 Bit Windows Release

Anybody hear anything about 64bit release for windows? Anyone have a binary of this yet available? I guess I can spend the time to do it myself considering all the libs are now 64 bit compatible, but I’d rather not replicate work.

Wow, that was big pain in the butt but it works.

I have just successfully compiled panda3d and it works. Granted the only module enabled is python which I also have a 64bit version of.

I had to make some major changes to the makepanda.py as it appears to be incomplete and doesn’t handle compiling without certain libs (like zLib and ODE)

Also there needs to be changes made to winGraphicsPipe.cxx as cl.exe doesn’t support inline assembly on x64. Fortunately, Microsoft gave us some helpful functions that performs the same thing as what’s needed in that particular file.

Also genPyCode is way busted when you don’t include certain libs like ODE. I had run that with manual arguments as well…

It works… next to get most of the third party libs working.

Anyone know how the heck to generate those files from the third party sources? How does one go from a bunch of cpp files to libpandazlib1.dll and libpandazlib1.lib?

Who maintains makepanda.py now anyways? It needs some updates. I know Disney doesn’t. ppremake is preferred there obviously but Cygwin is such a pain in the butt too.

Is that the sound of a volunteer I’m hearing? :slight_smile:

We’ll be happy to accept any patches you have.


Mostly me, after Josh’ departure. What kind of updates are you referring to? I’d be happy to improve it.
I’m not aware of any incompleteness in makepanda, and it seems to work fine with --no-ode and --no-zlib, at least on linux. The genPyCode version makepanda uses is a mess though (ppremake uses a different), and it definitely needs a rewrite.

As far as I know, the 32-bits version of Panda3D works fine on 64-bits windows. Although I don’t directly see the benefit of a separate 64-bits release for windows, it might be a good idea. drwr, would this be worth including in Panda3D?

About the thirdparty packages: just grab the source code (or if they have a ready 64-bits dll that might work as well), compile it and stuff the libs together. Some libs are renamed (like libzlib to libpandazlib, etc.) to avoid naming conflicts. Sometimes you need to tweak the build using compilation flags or sometimes you even need to grab older versions (for example, the latest version of FMOD is not compatible with panda. We might fix this, but that would break older versions of FMOD.)
It’s not fun doing, I can assure you, but if you want to volunteer doing it that would be great.

That was actually for linux. I’ve just added 64-bits thirdparty packages for linux, not for windows.