Part of a model gone

I have a animated character, she has a gun in one hand, that gun is a separate mesh (with own texture and suchlike) but animated by the same bones/joints as the rest of the character. It’s all exported as one egg file.
I suspect it would be all the same if it was done in code.

The problem is that when the gun is not in view at the start of an animation it is not rendered at all…she shoots from her finger. It’s like culling is made with the starting pose.
Here cloths are made the same way and I wouldn’t want them to go missing as well…

How can I fix this?


This tells Panda to use the bounding volume on the actor’s top node as the definitive, or “final”, bounding volume on all lower nodes as well. This is necessary because although the animation code moves vertices, it does not update the bounding volumes, so as the actor animates its vertices may move out of their original bounding volume.

This setFinal() hack is currently necessary to work around this minor but difficult-to-fix bug.


Ok, thanks, I’ll try that.