Parenting Plane to, Plane.getPos() not changing.

Is that on purpose?

First of all I’d like to mention that I first used a lot,
until I realized that it doesn’t really work at all.

Then I switched to and suddenly coordinates and everything changed as I moved around,
though I recall the manual saying both and are equivalent and the same thing.


Anyhow, I attached a Plane.egg to, fully expecting it’s coordinates to change
according to when I am moving the camera around. I know it works, because on screen it works.
The Plane is always right in front of Reparenting it to base.render otoh shows,
as expected, the plane on a fixed position in 3dspace.

So, works as expected, BUT …
… when I poll the plane’s position with getPos() it always returns it’s base coordinates.

I feel like that’s not how it should work,
considering the Plane’s proper movement relative to the camera.

So … what’s wrong here?

getPos() returns coordinates relative to the parent, ie. relative to the parent. If you want to get absolute coordinates, ie. relative to render, use getPos(render).

So that’s intended. Weird.

Thanks! :slight_smile: