Parallel callback

Is there any way I can call a Python function when a Parallel or a Lerp has finished?

I mean: I’m trying to do a turn-based game, you know the scheme of this kind of games:
1- Set actions for the turn
2- Play animations for the actions
3- Wait until all animations have finished
4- Resolve the effects of the actions
5- Repeat from point 1 until a player wins…

Is in the waiting part where I’m stuck.
Any advice :bulb: about how to do this will be wellcome.


my 2 (euro)cents:

afaik there is no such function. However, there should be a function asking if the lerp/parallel is still running. When you call this function every frame, you will get a reply as soon as the lerp/parallel isn’t active any more. An Idea to reduce cpu load might be the following:

Your lerp normally/may use a (fixed) set of seconds. If you don’t want the user to act interactive, you just may use


(after importing “time”)
When you want the user to be interactive, you can use the panda-task-manager. You can use the doLater-method there. Either “stand-alone” like time.sleep() if your lerp/parallel is completely predicatable or in combination with the first idea (use the doLater-method with a reduced fixed_set_of_seconds and then start checking each frame if the lerp/parallel has finished or is still running.

Correct me please if I am wrong. I am not a teacher… but I hope I could give some hints where to search :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

One possible way is to make a sequence around your Parallel like

p= Parallel(...)
s= Sequence( p, callback)

Then your Parallel will be proceded and after it you callback

Thank you all.

Just trying to avoid Tasks and Time functions, Bigfoot, but I will try your ideas if I can’t make Martin’s work.

Hey men, you are FAST! :open_mouth: :smiley:
Thanks again.

Yeah Martin… that worked GREAT…
For anyone doing the same the code is:

seq = Sequence(parallel, Func(callbackFunction) )