Pandomatic - My Panda3d Overlayer

I’ve created a python package I called “pandomatic”(don’t complain about the name, I was tired and just set it to that, it can always be changed >_>), that I’m using to build a layer over top of Panda3d’s foundation.

For example: character, user, networking, statistics, utilities, etc classes.

For those of you that have seen my recently posted “Object Oriented Networking Code with Panda3D Foundation” in the forum Code Snipplets section, this code is also in my package.

See, I’m aiming for an even “higher” set of classes that can be overlaid on top of Panda3d to make it even easier to use. The great thing about Panda3D, is that it pretty much lets you do any thing you want to do, without many limits. Sure, you might have to create it yourself, but it can be added without too much trouble. Because of this though, the classes are still lower level then what’s “consistently” used, such as Character, User, Networking class, etc.

This was just created for myself, but I decided I’d throw it up here in case anyone else would like to use it or join in. You should be able to edit, change stuff, and commit it back into the repo. If there are any problems for anyone doing that, let me know and we’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:

Mostly I have more classes right now that are more for a “person”(character) game, but that could easily be expanded by maybe adding a vehicle class which would be like a character class or inherit from it, etc. =)

Anyways, I wasn’t sure if this was the right section to post this in the forums, but if it needs to be moved, go ahead admins. =P

Here is the SVN:
Here is the Trac:
Here is a good SVN GUI:

P.S.: I just threw those up there, so there hasn’t been many commits yet. <_< Oh, and leave feedback on what you think about this idea. =x

note you have
#!/usr/bin/env python

at the start of every class should only be at the entry points.
Its really simplistic to tell what this will shape up to.
Its best to write a library when you write a project.

I just threw this up pretty quick. :wink:

I’m already using it in a project. =P